2020 November 22 Group Holds First Meeting

Group Holds First Meeting

Group Holds First Meeting


Meeting opened at approximately 12:05pm at Flume Creek Family Restaurant.

Present: Kris Person (Alban General Store), Joe & Linda Malek, Jan Kraetsch (Smart Move Realty), Flo Kosibucki (Flume Creek Family Restaurant), Heidi Leiser-O’Neil, Chris Martin (Tiki Time Technology, LLC & Rosholt Fair Association). Sunshine & Gryzba, Northland and Rosholt Record were present in spirt.

It was decided by all present that the group would be an informal group without the need for officers, committees etc..

The name Rosholt Area Business Association was agreed upon.

Cost for membership in the Rosholt Area Business Association was unanimously decided at $100. Businesses, organizations, individuals and couples may all be a part of the membership.

It was agreed to ask the school to help with a logo: two entries k-8 and 9-12 will be accepted. Winner in each age group will receive something special yet to be decided.

Parade date was decided to be moved to Saturday December 12 to avoid any problems with Friday fish fries. The parade will setup to the right and then left outside the Rosholt Elementary School. Semis and larger vehicles will need to keep to either the South or West parking lots and be inserted into the parade. Heidi will run a hot cocoa, cookie and mitten stand next to the horseshoe pits by dollar bills. It will be a good will offering for the cocoa and cookies. Since we didn’t decide on an entry fee, it will be free to enter the parade, but donations will be accepted. The parade route will start by the elementary school, travel west on Randolph, right on Main and go thru the Post Office parking lot and travel north on Post Office Alley. Jan will talk with the Postmaster and Chris will talk with the Village. Chris will ask Lee Miller if he’d like to be Santa at the end of the parade. Malek’s will most likely be able to provide a trailer, sleight and transportation. Alternatively we may need to find another Santa, but we do not want more than one in the parade.

Other events discussed:

January 23- Sledding in the Pines. We discussed presenting a warming area, hot chocolate, hot dogs, sloppy joes, etc. from 6-9 at the sledding hill at the Fair Park. We will ask the Fair Association for a donation of the beer stand for the event, otherwise consider a warming tent.

March: It was suggested that we encourage people getting out in March when it’s so slow for businesses. One idea was having a pool tournament, but another idea was adding Texas Holdem as well. We’d need to ask the Rosholt Fair Association about using the Youth Exhibit Building, renting porta pottys and see if Bill Skibba has interest in helping with the pool tournament (Bill has indicated in the past he’d like to develop a 10 table pool tournament). Other ideas are also being encouraged.

June 5: It was suggested to have Rosholt Summer Kickoff on June 5. We would ask the Village to close Main Street for craft vendors, hobbyists, businesses, etc. to show off their products and/or services on Main Street.  It was suggested that perhaps the display go up Randolph to the Elementary School Parking lot where there could be an old car show.

November 13: It was suggested that Turkey Bowling may be something worth looking into. Perhaps, the Rosholt Fair Association would allow the group to utilize the Youth Exhibit Building or some part of the property. That date was selected because it was the date for the senior dance this past year and would likely be available in 2021, but would have to bee approved for rental

It was agreed that any organization, couple or individual wishing to be a part of the Rosholt Area Business Association will pay $100 in annual dues and that a EIN be established as a not for profit organization and checking account be established at the Bank of Rosholt in the name of Rosholt Area Business Association with co-signers as Chris Martin and Jan Kraetsch.

Alban General Store is marked as paid for membership at $100

Respectively Submitted,

Chris J. Martin