2020 December 09 Mission Approved!

Mission Approved!

Mission Approved!

The Mission of the Association:

To promote and encourage business growth, pride and development

To work with local businesses and organizations to promote their services and events

To work with local, county and state officials to create a friendly business environment for sustainability and new growth 

To produce annual events that accent existing community events and create an avenue for new business and community development

To promote local schools, parks, lakes, organizations, businesses, community services and events in an effort to encourage new business, home construction, home ownership, participation and an investment to our area

Members Present: Kris Person (Alban General Store), Joe & Linda Malek, Flo Kosibucki (Flume Creek Family Restaurant), Heidi Leiser-O’Neil, Cindy Blohm (Northland  Sports Bar & Grill), Chris Martin (Tiki Time Technology, LLC & Rosholt Fair Association).